Sunday, September 28, 2008

It´s all about the balloons in Zurich + Look at skateboards being made

It doesn´t get much more euro than this:

Heard my friend Hampus got 2nd, stoked.

Like I said.., can´t wait to see him and the others in Pony Tale. I´ve seen some parts, sick sick.

Here´s a sweet video on how a company called World Industries make their skateboards. It´s about 8 min long and pretty interesting to watch.
W.I has been getting a lot of heat for making their skateboards in Asia. I never understood what the problem was.
The majority of your shit is made in Asia.., why can´t skateboards be made there?
I was about the embed the clip, but the people at Transworld Skateboarding made the clip play automatically on blogs etc. This is very annoying so here´s a link to it:

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