Thursday, September 11, 2008

Missing out.

The past, say,.. 8 weeks I´ve been listening to the new The Faint album.

I saw them live a few years ago in Salt Lake City and I was VERY impressed with their show. I´ve also used three Faint songs in past movies. So you can say I´m a fan.

I´m also an idiot cause I was in Stockholm when they played the other day. Not only was I in the city, I was 2 min walking distance from the club they were playing at (probably listening to them in my ipod thinking how awesome it would be to see them live again).

Pretty bummed about that..
Here´s a new video from them:

Here´s a sick clip from the people at Fourstar Clothing. Them cruising NYC, part deux.

I´m also backing up a million things. Literally

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