Sunday, September 21, 2008

Travis Barker in plane crash

He is one of two survivors from a fatal crash (four died) that happened yesterday.
Read more about it here, on CNN´s website.

TB with my boss Ken Block at a release party for his Remix shoe.

Here´s a short drum solo/interview from a DC party.

Travis has done a few collaborations with DC over the years. He also toured a bit with my Skellefteå friends from "Wade" (formally "Carpe Wade"). A group that might be known to you older snowboarders out there.
Here´s the intro from Mack Dawgs "Simple Pleasures" - music by Carpe Wade.
Keep an eye out for David Hedman at 0:24 and Johan Olofsson at 0:27 as well as a shot from Riksgränsen of Pasi Voho at 0:57 and Daniel Franck in Åre at 2:37. Good memories..

The Actionhorse crew just uploaded a sweet clip where an avalanche takes out three landings! So much work.. for nothing. Glad nobody got buried though.

Here´s a behind the scenes clip of Travis Rice´s and Curt Morgan´s new multi million dollar movie.

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