Monday, September 22, 2008

New EA SKATE 2 Trailer

I don´t play video games, but figured some of you who read this do.

I heard the first EA SKATE game was good so this one has to be better right?

My question is:
Why do they release a trailer that cost more than a standard skateboard video to make with a song used in the biggest skate video release of 2007 (Fully Flared)?
And why is Danny Way doing a benihana in it?

I for one thought the trailer was crap, but those two things in particular are just so.. not finesseful (and yes, that´s a word).

Those overpriced LA agencies will never get it right. And they wouldn´t see a bad idea if it it them in the groin.

For more EA SKATE and Fully Flareness, check out these three clips and the video game remakes of the parts. Pretty impressive.
Play them simultaneously for extra flare.

Original versions:
Mike Carroll
Guy Mariano
Mike Mo Capaldi

EA SKATE versions:
Mike Carroll
Guy Mariano
Mike Mo Capaldi

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