Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Facebook needs to learn a thing or two from Apple

2 million users can´t be wrong. But then again about 55% of the ones who reads this are (Windows/PC users:)

The closest thing to a religion I believe in:

Now bring back the old Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Ester säger hata mac!

Mikey. said...

Change! Things change. I hated it for about a week, got used to it, now it makes sense. I think there's AT LEAST 2 million people out there that don't want to take the time to learn something new, not very surprised..

Lauren said...


"Things change." Really? That's a truism. EVERYTHING changes. Constantly. Including Mac's. But for the better.

In regards to Facebook and Pierr'e irritation though, the mere fact that something is "adaptable" doesn't necessarily make it better. I'm sure to some, it's easier to use/navigate. And agreed, change does sometimes take time to get used to. But in the consumer-conscious world, change should take place when the masses decide it's needed. Not just when a corporation decides to implement it.

Pierre Wikberg said...

Well put Lauren.