Monday, September 29, 2008

Video from Zurich

Here´s a clip of Hampus and Stefan who got 2nd and first.

For some reason the audio is like 5 sec ahead of the video. I blame the french.

Love hearing Brustie commentating, haven´t hung out with him in years (used to work with him and J Hostynek on two movies called Tribal and Transcendence).
Me and Brustie in San Diego 2006..? Wow my head looks huge.

New Entourage today too! Can´t wait.
I´ve been watching the season 5 of 24 too these past days. Got hooked one late night when they were playing reruns at 2am. Then I had to go to the itunes store and buy the rest of them. I love 24.
Can´t wait for season 7.


Anonymous said...

Hard core

Gabe L'Heureux said...

Jack Bauer makes Superman, Rambo, Stephen Segal, Batman, the Hulk, and Van Damme look like little swedish babies.

24 is the second best show on TV. When in the hell is the new one coming out?

Anonymous said...


can't believe you're turning idiot, I men average joe american, Zurich is in zwitzerland, freecaster is own by belgium and you're blaming the french...
you're ready to get a green card, hahaha


Pierre Wikberg said...

I blame everything on the french. It´s a joke.

Don´t take it literally.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm missing some sleep ( god damn method deadline) and get easily irritated lately.

sorry I didn't get the joke right.

thanks for the explanation.