Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pics. And I decided to change the blog template...

The new template threw some shit around, like some pics are centered and some are not... should be able to figure it out.. or I'll go back to the old green one..
Feedback is appreciated.

Weird stairs.

This is very skatable when empty. Look for it in
New Deal´s old videos Useless Wodden Toys and 1281.
Found this pic online of a bmxer getting radical in it.




Building, tree and sky. And an airplane if you look real hard.

Leaning tower and sick skatespot. I´m skating there tomorrow.

Here are tourists being tourists on a tourist boat.


rikardlilja said...

Tack för en underhållande blogg, jag har följt den ett bra tag nu.
Jag gillar dina fotografier!
Vet inte om du redan känner till www.skatevideosonline.net , en riktig guldgruva! Kände att det var vesäntligt att dela med mig.

Anonymous said...

Is that "bowl" in Gothenberg? I was there this winter and checked one that looked like that. Tight trannies. Blog looks good. I really like reading it. I just posted some of your classic work on my blog. Hope you don't mind.


Michael said...

I like the new template, uses those 1440 pixels way more.
Nice pics too

Gabe L'Heureux said...

Photos look amazing. I guess you got to be good at something, RIGHT?

Lauren B. said...

Love that wood. As said before, you have some serious photo talent sir. Particularly in pattern/repeat shots.

White blog is better. Though green is "the new black" it can also be offensive to the eyes at times :)