Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two new Gino parts and tall-tees evolved

Go watch the Gino clips on There are 5 parts to date.

Another skater who´s just as graceful as Gino is Kenny Andersson. Here´s a clip from Elwood Clothing, just look at his bs ollie on flat.

Not to mention Jason Lee (of My Name is Earl fame) who was one of the first stylish skaters to enter my vhs player.
Without exaggeration I´ve prolly watched this piece of skateboard history a couple hundred times.
Here´s Jason´s classic video part from the Blind video (1991-ish)

Jason is also a WESC activist. I swung by them the other day and they hooked me up with some more striped sweaters for my collection. And check out this wild tall-hoodie.
People in the States are into tall-tees, but tall-hoodies are rare, until now?

Mushroom market in Stockholm. I hate mushrooms.

WESC store.

Yellow doors at Max Burger.

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Anonymous said...

Men MAX! Hade betalat mycket för ett orginal mål nu. Med den där green and garlic dippen.