Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 million views, 2nd most watched clip on Youtube this week and 2nd most viral video in the world.

Aftonbladet made an article about it´s distribution too. But they seemed smart enough not to use a screen grab of my clip (which the news is based on) and use the one Bounce made.

The local magazine where I went to high school wrote about it too and it was the most read article for a day or two and number two for this week.
Stats, stats, stats.

Some people commented on it and said it wasn´t news though. Because viral video charts and Aftonbladet among others must not know what they are talking about. There were some pretty amusing comments, but they got removed.
Having a Swedish dance collective dancing in the streets of Stockholm and that clip becoming this popular can´t be news.


De vet du said...

Pierre har fått hybris..

Pierre Wikberg said...

Inte så att jag hatade statistik förr, fast klart det varit lite spetzial att följa klippet sista dagarna.

TATO said...

My sister and I found your video on youtube and it's really amazing, incredible. We have watched several times each video and we are surprised by it. We danced together. Congratulations! That's the best tribute to MJ ever. It's something like he was: the dancing and the music.
We are from Brazil and we watched your video here too. If you want to add me on messenger, here it is: tatoanderson@yahoo.com.br

flindmark said...

inte dåligt. nu kan man säga att man känner en youtube-stjärna/ alexander pohjanen