Monday, July 27, 2009

I´ve just seen the future.

If there ever was a time where I got to see what the future will be like this clip showed me it.

Spotify on your iphone. World peace seems to be the next logical step.

For you who aren´t familiar with Spotify or iphones, I´m sorry. They are the future.

How Apple allowed this I´m not quite certain.. I mean.. this application just killed their itunes store...
Now you´ll never need to own a mp3 file and therefor your playlists and music can never be deleted.
Let us hope that the sinking ship known as the music labels/publishers embrace Spotify and we can all live happily ever after (but mostly the Spotify founders).


Anonymous said...

tror ikke apple har godkjent det enda?

håper det går gjennom. enig med deg, det er framtida

maggie.01 said...

looks pretty interesting. too bad it's not available in the states.

Pierre Wikberg said...

Unfortunately the US always takes too long to adapt to new and great techniques.
Sweden on the other hand is a very small country with a very tight i.t infrastructure and people here seem to love pirating music and that makes Spotify ideal. Legal music for free.
The rest of the planet will follow. Unless Spotify fucks it up.