Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Transworld Shoot Out

I just bought the show on itunes, $5.

You should too and see what Rome, Burton, Forum and us at DC did when we got to film at a resort for a week.

My thought behind the DC clip was that I wanted people to get stoked to ride. The type of clip you´d like to watch before heading to the mtn, or watch in the car driving up to the mtn.

Contrived, conceptual shoots is not my preference. Not that I´ve done one in a few years. I like documenting it, not orchestrating what the riders should do.

It looks like Rome had some real good stuff (what I saw from the photos) in the new Transworld which I got in my email inbox yesterday thanks to the very low price of $1,20 / issue with Zinio.

We had some other plans for the shoot, but thanks to annoying American laws and soft snow we couldn´t go through with it. So I was pretty bummed, as well as our photographer Andy Wright.

But instead of coming up with a new concept for the shoot I saw a great opportunity to get to shred with the team on a relaxed level.
I love taking runs with them in the public park and see what they can do on "normal" park features and the groomers. I know Biittner can slay handrails and urban jibs as much as Torstein can to back to back 1260´s on 120 foot jumps, but I don´t feel an urge to prove that to the kids out there. I rather show them how well they can actually snowboard, turning, buttering, playing in the half pipe etc..
Sure that might not win us this contest, but I feel that we won cause I had a fun week hanging out with them and I also wasn´t comfortable hitting the monster feature at night when it was freezing out, hell I wasn´t comfortable watching them hit it in the middle of the day.

And like a famous snowboarder said once:
"Last I checked I got paid to step it up, not live it up" (or similar).
I couldn´t disagree more. I rather document snowboarders who live it up and convey that feeling to the world than go out and only try and progress the acrobatic aerials some call snowboarding.

Our jump feature was built in a very bad spot for filming. There was no angle too shoot the whole thing from with one camera, so the tricks Torstein does at the end were sooooo much gnarlier than they look. It was one of the craziest things I´ve witnessed but I´ve made 40 foot jumps at Mt Hood look better. Sorry Torgmo.

This concept of making videos/clips has huge potential. The lame part about it is obviously the weather, which can put you on the couch for days. But also the costs.
I´d like to be able to sit down with some other filmers in the industry and I think we can evolve the "Shoot Out" concept that Transworld presented to us.
Cause we all know we´re not going to sell dvd´s anytime soon.



Anonymous said...

vet du hvordan man får lasta ned uten å være i US? må jo ha us itunes konto... evt om man kan lage en ekstra us-konto?


Pierre Wikberg said...

Fan så dumt. Jag har amerikanskt konto så jag visste inte att det bara var för Usa.


Skicka mail till Transworld vet ja.

Nick Hamilton said...

We are working on ways to share the Video internationally soon, unfortunately it wont be through Apple