Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mini interviews from the DC shoot at Northstar/Tahoe.

Transworld did this thing were four teams got to go to a resort and shoot video and photos for a week and "compete" against eachother.
The shoot was judged on the video clip I made, Andy´s photos and the riding obviously.

On July 27th you can buy the videos on itunes. Until then here are some short interviews with the riders, the media and the park crew.

You can watch a teaser about the shoots here:

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KyleB said...

Thats Pretty Sick you guys had a comp for shooting and editing.....deff something id be about...jw how did you get where your at now, in other words how did you get started editing and directing and how did you get picked up by still freelance and rather be with a company than do local shop videos or indepented films, any advice? oh yeah click name to link to clips so you know its legit.