Friday, July 10, 2009

#1 on Youtube

And 3rd on the Viral Video Chart!

I assume that it was the most watched clip in the world yesterday, fun.
Now when I know that it's possible I can't wait to make #1 again. Just need to find the right project...

What a trippy day. Me and Vince tried to work on this commercial yesterday, but we didn´t get much done. I was too busy getting phone calls and emails about this MJ clip.

I know it was something special when I shot it, but nothing too crazy. But for some reason it really caught on fire.

The official clip that Bounce made got uploaded a day after mine and has 302 views :)
Not the best PR work.
And they even managed to stretch some clips so the people look 4 feet tall and weigh 250lbs :)
Not the best editing work.


capitainesexy said...

Hello, I totally digg the MJ Dance tribute. Way to go (:

Frida said...

Jag såg Bounce version den var inte så bra klippt eller vad man säger, man hängde som inte med, sen var det så mörkt. Sen såg jag en annan snubbe som hade lagt upp samma som dig??? Hur funkar det har han snott din version då?