Monday, July 27, 2009

Transworld Right Foot Forward review

It was similar to the other ones.

Still in 4:3, but with some cropped HD shots too. And quite a bit of film burn (yes, really) and glare effects.

I like the crew, very diverse. Both in skating and personality.

Some great shots, but the standard fast shutter speed, handheld and fish eye lens shots lets you know your defiantly watching a "skate video".

Kellen James has a sick ass ss fs bluntslide and well as some other creative tricks, plus a fakie flip that was reminiscent of a hybrid of Kris Markovich's fakie flips and Tyrone Olson's 360 flip.

Brezinski was super tech, as expected, with mega manual combos. I can´t help but to associate Joey with Ron Knigge, which a lot of people wouldn´t find very flattering.
The tune though.. my friends know I´m very into (or used to be) MGMT, but I can´t figure out if they used it (Time To Pretend) as a joke or not. Kind of like that AXE skate commercial. I was like 66.6% sure it was a joke, but it wasn´t. I guess Patrick O´Dell will have to make an episode about it. The MGMT song that is, but.. the AXE commercial is worth an Epicly Laterd too.
I remember a fs noseslide that was pretty sweet.., body varials out of manulas and other Daewon/Creager-ish combos.

Bobby Worrest part was very east coast heavy. Classic D.C spots, hip-hop tune and lines.
One line that struck me was a ss 360 flip up some stairs - fakie hardflip - ss 360 flip down stairs. Interesting.
He´s fun to watch, I like when people actually skateboard in videos. Even a small detail like the tiny ollie over a parking block after the fs nose into a bank feels great to see in the final edit.

Corey Duffel was never a favorite of mine but he sure can skate.

Matt Beach ends the video and he skates like he always has. I remember seeing him at a few European contests in 1996-97 and thinking he was really underrated.
When I lived in Portland I´d see him cruise around under the Hawthorne bridge every now and then.
It starts of with a bs hurricane on a hubba that was insanely well filmed.
Some of the lines were really good. He skates fast and without exaggerated pop or afterbang. In one line he does a nollie on a crack (not an actual nollie) and then skates into / ride on to a 50-50. Not your typical, contrived thought out line.
His ss bs powerslide on ice/water was sick.
He has a lot of great ditch skating and stuff that normally wouldn´t seem video part worthy, like slappies and that indoor mini ramp line. But I like watching it.
Oh the half flip (like Jim Thiebaud did in Speed Freaks 20 years ago) step up was cool.

So a good video with traditional parts, each with opening shot, personality shot, face shot and an ender.
Hopefully the lack of dvd sales will change this Plan B-ish way of making videos. It's been a great formula but I'm down for a change. Hot Chocolate, for example, was a great video I thought.
Now go buy it. Yes, Hot Chocolate too if you can find one.

The TW video is only $9, like I mentioned here.
Unfortunately I heard it´s only available in the American itunes store... which obviously doesn´t make any sense considering 6.7 billion people live outside this piece of land.

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