Thursday, July 24, 2008

So ET has been here?

Here´s youtube clip with the "proof"

Here´s an article on Edgar Mitchell, astronaut, telling the world that ET has been here.

Watch out for Diana and her lizard friends
We can only hope Marc Singer will help us again

However awesome it would be if this was real. How the fuck did any other lifeform make it to our little planet Tellus (earth)?
According to this site it would take over 100 years if you travelled at the speed of light (that´s hella fast) to get to solar systems where there might be other lifeforms. Wouldn´t that be cool, to figure out how to travel at the speed of light (which is impossible) bring like 5 couples on a rocket who´s purpose was to make babies and then more babies so that 100 years later there would be someone sane and alive to get out of the rocket on another habitable planet only to be greeted by some bugs. Or maybe evil ewoks who shot the humans dead in 2 sec.

Pretty complex operation to say the least. Can you imagine the drama of living in a rocket for your entire life? Now that would make for some fucked up tv.

For anyone who want to believe in Mulder and Scully here´s a site for you.

ET and a young Drew Barrymore

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