Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hmm.., North Korea..

I'm a huge fan of

They have a lot of cool shows. The most popular one is probably Epicly Laterd, which is a nerds perspective on skateboarding.
Then they have a surf one and some other interesting ones you can check out here.

I actually met up with two guys from VBS who are in town interviewing people about the history of snowboarding. I'll obviously post those clips when they become available.

Since I'm sitting at a place that won't allow me to send emails or edit to Final Cut Pro's full capacity I figured it would be cool to see the VBS show about their trip to North Korea and see if there are any similarities. And even though there are some;
no email, empty parking lot (at least at night) and very limited food choices, things are defiantly a little crazier in North Korea.

So I recommend you getting a warm cup of chai tea and make yourself comfortable and spend the next half hour or so watching Shane travel to North Korea. It's pretty fascinating, otherwise I wouldn't waste your time.

Here's the first episode.

I've only made it to episode 5, and can't wait for the rest of them. What a weird country this is, man.

I think these two pics might show two of Kim Jong-il's secret weapons of mass destruction, or as they say here in America, WMD's!

Here's an article of one of my favorite photographers Andreas Gursky's trip to North Korea.
More amazing photos by Andreas here, here, here and here.

Check out this anti homosexual film from the 50's. Scary.

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