Saturday, July 12, 2008

Computer acting up

Boy do you get nervous when your computer acts up..
Mine wouldn´t start for a day and a half...

It did eventually start again, for reasons I can´t understand. I did go to the DC office and get a back up just in case it fails this weekend.

Here´s my computing area at my new crib.

Tomorrow I´m going to Orange County to watch skating. 1st place is $100.000.

Check out their two trailers/clips here and here.

Got this pic in the mail the other day. From Riksgränsen, Sweden, 2003.
While shooting for Lame. Benedek took the pic.

Here´s a sweet movie trailer with some of Christian Slaters earliest acting:

Greek eggs and chai tea time..


Anonymous said...

interview with filip Chritensen:

ski movie i know, but it looks really sick. he lists you as one of his main inspirations. check it out...

konrad said...

pierre du hänger för mycket på youtube :)

Pierre Wikberg said...

Jo, jag vet. Bra skit.