Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July

It started out with me waking up with really short denim shorts at a friends house around noon.
The reason for the very short shorts were the 80´s party the night before (pics might come later this week).

Then followed by Alka Seltzer caffein tablets which work great for anyone who wants to throw up:)

Then we hit the beach (pics might come) and played some badminton.
We´ve been playing badminton a lot lately.
The ball you use in badminton is usually called a "birdie", but I found out it´s actually called "Shuttle Cock".
Very random and very funny.

I was so slow on the 4th though.. couldn´t think clearly and felt like an idiot when people kept showing me pics of the previous night.
Not to paint a picture or anything, but I guess this is what happened, kind of:

We also missed the fireworks. They are illegal in Encinitas and it didn't seem like an option to take a taxi to Del Mar or Oceanside to watch them. But from what I heard they were amazing.

Speaking of Oceanside. I just moved into a place here. Feels ok. I never knew Oceanside was this sketchy, so many thugs and homeless people lurking around. It's only 5 min north of Carlsbad, where I've lived several times, and it's very different.
I asked a lady at a grocery store about the contents of a salad the other day, but she couldn't understand me. My friend who speaks spanish had to ask her.. I wonder if her immigration papers were in order.., or anyone elses in that store for that matter.

Some people at a thrift store were singing along to this song, which is almost like an national anthem and I´ve heard it frequently this past week.
Wonder if us swedes will become as proud of our country as americans are. I mean, we never celebrate our national day or participate in any festivities that has to do with celebrating our country. The closest are probably midsummer and "First of May". But that´s more an excuse to drink and on the first of May we walk down the streets to complain. I want more true festivities.

I haven't really moved in yet. I've had four friends staying with me for the weekend. It's been great. I love when people come to visit. So if any swedes wants to come over and enjoy the beach (I'm 50 meters from the ocean) and 25-30 degree sunny weather every day shoot me an email.
Jag är här tom mitten på augusti.

And I did some semi historical shopping too at H&M.
Except from maybe 10-15 pair of socks and one knitted sweater I can't recall ever shopping at H&M.

I think the main reason is that I didn't want to wear any of the same 10 sweaters, shorts etc that everyone else in my town. Cause there's a H&M store for every 20.000 people in Sweden, so shopping there was never that appealing.
The fact that I've been travelling a lot for the past 10 years prolly made it more fun to consume clothes elsewhere.

But then came yesterday. I was with my friend Erin who really wanted to go to H&M and shop (there are only a few stores in the States) and I wasn't planning on buying anything obviously. But then I walked into the men's department and bought 12 items! I guess I felt it was time to get some swedish clothes for my new american house/wardrobe. And boy was it cheap. Sweaters were $30 and beanies $6, felt like I was robbing the place.

Sunglass shopping at Urban Outfitters

Oh, and the iphone 3G is coming this week. There are already people in line outside a few stores.
Just like when Nokia release their new phones.., not.


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