Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just woke up to an earthquake, so sick.

So a 5.4 earthquake hit east of LA an hour ago and woke me up.

I thought there was a dance party upstairs so I checked the earthquake site to see what was up.
But since it was pretty far away I didn´t think it could have made it here, but it did. It was felt all the way to San Diego and Vegas.
They reported 27 aftershocks in the first hour, with the biggest one being 3.6.

But even though this was a 5.4 one, earthquakes are common here. On the site I could read 428 earthquakes in the last week. That´s six quakes a day...

I felt one a few years ago when I was in a building in Burbank/LA. That one was sick cause it felt like I was in a boat, the whole building made a wave like movement and the light flickerd.

Read more about it here and here.

Here´s a sweet clip from a news studio who were in the middle of a quake

Ok, time to go outside, then pack for a LA week.

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