Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Computer died

Well maybe it didn't die, but it won't wake up.

Finally had a meeting (yes you need a meeting to drop it off) with Apple after not being able start it up for five days.
So now my comp is gone for 7-10 days...

Got a set up at DC but that hasn't helped much.

The i-t department here is making it very difficult to work here as well as making it impossible to communicate with the
outside world.

But I'm doing the best I can and hopefully I'll be able to make them see the importance of me using my 3rd party filters for editing as well as being able to send emails.

Planned on going to see Journey in SD tomorrow, but I guess they played yesterday! God damn.
So they are playing in Orange County tonight, but we couldn't get tickets. So bummed.

Instead I'm in a bunker in what could be North Korea trying to do magic.

Here are two pics from the 80's party from July 3rd.

Oh and Lauri got the cover of the new Snowboard mag! Congrats.
Here's a short interview of Lauri from their website. And I made him say that I was awesome:)
No seriously, I did.

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