Friday, July 25, 2008

I love watching "Jaywalking" on The Tonight Show

This was yesterdays clip, sorry about the out of sync audio.

Fredrik Johansson did a flair on his moto bike. An inverted 540 on a quarter pipe-ish thing last week. First ever I think.
Check out the video here.

Here´s a sweet video from the party capital of Sweden from a humor website called 1000monkeys.
Even though it´s in swedish, it could be very funny and educational for you americans. These dudes have really short shorts, tacky Dolce sunglasses, lotsa hair gel and usually move in groups. They are celled "grillers" or "stekare" in swedish.
In this video (part 3 of a 4 part series) two guys comment on the people´s short shorts and the girls who drink all week for free.
If I had more time I´d totally put subtitles on these. And these clips are 100% genuine, I promise. This is the style of choice.

Here´s another funny clip about how to act like a "griller". The clip is part of a 5 part tutorial on how to act if you want to look cool.

But the "stek" style must be working. It would be awesome to take 20 grillers from sweden on a plane and have them go to beach parties here in California. That´s a reality show for you "Grillers Do America".
Kan Fredrik och Filip snälla göra ett sånt program?!

So if you´re heading to Sweden anytime soon, don´t be surprised if you see (in your opinion) mega waxed hair, short pastel colour shorts (I have a pair here that end right above the knees and my Cali friends make fun of me all the time) and pink Polo shirts that shrunk just a little too much.
Not that Cali dudes doesn´t have a lame style too, just go to The Tavern Pacific Beach or Yogi´s in Cardiff for some fraternity/surf style you won´t find in Europe.



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hehe Onoff stekarna