Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Devun & Iikka talk about their DC ads

Go here to check out Iikka and Devun working. I´m pretty impressed by Iikka´s two shots. Can´t wait to see the rest when the Mackodoggo video comes out.

And if you´re not tired of reading about our NZ rally shoot and Ken´s racing feel free to check these two interviews out.
Parto Uno
Parto Duex

There´s also a documentary in the works about the life and times of Tim Brauch who passed away a few years ago due to heart failure.

And in case you live in Flint Michigan, don´t use sagging pants. You will get a $500 ticket or go to jail for 93-365 days. Way to go "Land of the Free".

And if you do get arrested, make sure the cop doesn´t grab your package like in this clip:

Here´s a trailer for Michael Moore´s movie "Roger & Me" that shows what happened in Flint Michigan in the late 80´s/early 90´s.

I´ve driven through that city and it looked pretty boarded up and depressing (no pun intended to anyone who lives there). But that´s the beauty of capitalism for you.

Speaking of capitalism. I just read that the people (in America) who make more than $100.000 a year pay for 95% of all state and federal taxes! WTF!
This is from an article from 2000, but still.

So all the others who have taxable incomes under $100.000 a year pay the other 5% ?!!!
I need to investigate this (when I have time:).

The top 1% of taxpayers pay 30% of all state and federal taxes?! That doesn´t make any sense to me.
Granted there are some rich bastards here, but 1% of the taxpayers are paying 30% of the taxes?!

And back then in 2000, you were in the top 1% if you made more than $208.000 a year.

Sounds to me like America needs to get the other 99% to pay up some. But before that happens cutting down on military funding seems like a good idea.

I´ll try and bore you with some newer stats when I find them.

Oh, just found some newer stats from 2005..

So let me get this straight... half of America´s households (around 50 million) pays for 3% of the taxes?! Wow.
And on this site it says that the median household income in America is $44.000.
So if your household makes less than that (44k) those families contribute with 3% of the taxes?! I´m confused, and upset.
Is this balance sustainable?

Now off to play tennis.

Here´s some sweet tennis from Borg and McEnroe from 1980.
Gotta love McEnroe.


Anonymous said...

i'm totally confused. first you are criticizing capitalism above, then you get all worked up the porrest people are not paying enough taxes????????????

Pierre Wikberg said...

I didn't criticize capitalism.

Just threw a sarcastic remark about how Flint became a ghost town when the moved the a large chunk of the car industry abroad to make a bigger profit.

Then I happened to read that the richest 1% of americans pays for about 40% of state and federal taxes, richest 10% paid for 70% .. and so forth..

Those numbers seemed crazy to me.

What kind of balance in society is that?

50% of the households only contribute with 3% of the taxes... that's not right.