Monday, April 28, 2008


It was frekkin 98 degrees today, ON THE BEACH! IN APRIL!
That´s just not right.

Went surfing with the big bad shark yesterday. My sister did pretty good for her first time.
The lifeguard was on the beach yelling
"There has been a shark in the water, get out of there. Or surf at your own risk."

I still don´t understand why they think it´s more dangerous to go in the water now than one month ago... the shark isn´t coming back to that exact same spot, this isn´t Jaws.
And it was 50 years ago uncle shark came to visit here...

Tried to skate around a little with the Oksanen´s, but I wasn´t too skillful today.
It´s difficult to skate when you skate for an hour every four months and your nerves in your feet aren´t working.

Going to LA for a few days and then some filming in Lake Tahoe. Editing those rally clips too, needed them done yesteryear.

Did some consuming today too. Like I really needed three more hooded sweaters.

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mike said...

kolla in detta, ganska så sjuka greje usa staten håller på med.