Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Uncomfortable Tv

So there´s this show called "Moment of Truth" and it has made it to Sweden as well.

The very vain Pontus Gårdinger is hosting the swedish version and the same creep who hosted the repulsive show Temptation Island is hosting the Us version.

I know I don´t have to watch it and trust me I won´t. I did watch this 9 min clip on youtube and it took me a while to digest. But I don´t see why people would want to see this..

The swedish host said in the paper today that there is
"no intent to deliberately hurt anyone´s feelings" on the show... yeah right.., and Bush won Florida fair and square in 2000.. sure.

And how do they get people to be on the show? I know it´s the money they want obviously.., but come on...

Call me old fashioned or whatever, but this to me is a all time low for tv.
Although Sverker Olofsson (annoying swedish reporter who ALWAYS sides with the consumer on his show) came pretty close today when he critiqued the low fare airline Ryan Air for operating to far from the northern coastal town of Umeå.. you had to see it I guess.
Sverker, you suck and so does anyone who works on your staff. Seriously, how could that story even air?! One thing is clear, I´ve seen a lot of dumb shit come out of Umeå lately. Elitist skiers and moron journalist, both paid with tax money.
Thanks to the internet I can share half the clip with you (obviously in swedish, sorry). Why they didn´t upload the entire story I have no idea... assuming it has something to do with incompetence.
Historien slutar med att reguljär resan kostade typ 2100kr och Ryan Air resan typ 2600 pga att man får femhundraelva utlägg för att ta sig till Skavsta och kommer till Paris sex tim senare.
Liksom, vad är problemet? Och vad har Ryan Air gjort för fel?
Kan man inte räkna ut att du måste sova över en natt på hotell, eller liknande, innan du ens åkt från Sverige och sedan addera utgifterna i förväg förtjänar man fan att förlora 500kr och 12 tim på resmålet.
Inte fan ska en redaktion finansierad av skattepengar sitta och koka ihop ett rep som ett problem som förmodligen aldrig skulle uppstå.

Jag undrar hur Peter Nilsson, livscoach på radioprogrammet Mammas Nya Kille, skulle debattera med Sverker om det här "problemet"?
Kan tänka mig att hans första ord skulle vara ngt i stil med "Vad är problemet?"

Jag är säkert övertygad om att det är en hel del rackel med Ryan Air, men det var ju inte det reportaget handlade om.
Visst är detta ett i-lands problem, men va fan. Bättre skriva om tröga lövare än att jobba med rally redigering:)

Här är ett par bra klipp på Sverre:

Sorry for the bilingual stuff there.. had to vent a little.

So yeah, I won´t be watching those two tv shows anytime soon.

And today was also Earth Day. What did you do to preserve our planet?
I didn´t drive a car and ate leftovers... is that environmental?

This clip will make you think twice about recycling plastic.


Maggie said...

that show makes me want to set myself on fire. i just don't understand how anyone would do that for money. glad to know america can share our reality television wealth with sweden. you're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Du har svårt att släppa Sverker.../ Therzy