Monday, April 14, 2008

Åre / Burton contest and heading back north

So the Actionhorse Films crew didn´t score the best weather but that´s how it goes sometimes. They went back to Utah today to get some more filming done. I´m a little jealous that they can eat at Chipotle tomorrow...

There was a concert on Thursday that none of my friends wanted to go to, but I had just missed them (Caesars /Caesars Palace) in Umeå two weeks before and I used "Jerk It Out" in the first Robot Food video for Wille Yli-Luoma´s part so I really wanted to go and check it out.
As it turns out I did get a friend to come with me, but a very unexpected one. I hadn´t seen him for 7 years and then he was 11 years young, and maybe 5 feet tall, now he´s 18 years old, 6"4 feet and a darker voice.
Here´s a clip of Mikkel from 5 years ago:

I´m glad Mikkel joined me and I think it was cool for him to see them live as well.
While we drank Bacardi Breezers and became nostalgic to the tunes of Caesar´s "Jerk It Out" the other boarders were 200 meters away at a reggae club (boring).

Apple used "Jerk It Out" as well for an ipod commercial (after Afterbang, obviously:)

I later ate at Max with the little norwegian kids and boy do they love the chicken nuggets.
They eat it like they´ve never seen food before. Who in their right mind buys nuggets and dip sauce for 30$?

Burton also organized a pipe contest and a lot of friends that I travelled with in the late 90´s / early 2000´s where there. It was cool to see all of them.

Hampus took 2nd place and highest air and made some money. Look here for more pics from the event:

Hampus Mosesson in an alley oop extreme rotation.

Mikkel Bang handplanting.

Went to the top with Neuman to help him get some shots of locals Jakob and Henke, it was a very nice sunset.

We played our top 5 most played songs on itunes at the apt and all of us had pretty acceptable songs, except Knut... he had some weird shit on his top 5...
mostly r´n´b crap, like really bad slow dance songs. I was in disbelief that anyone I knew listened to that crap.
He calls that shit "baby making music"... Hmmm, I guess if you want to make babies with 19 year olds in highscool those songs might work, or at least get you to first base when the slow songs comes on at the school dance.

Neuman at work.

Peaceful view from Åreskutan.

I got a ride to Ume (my car is still in Östersund with a broken engine...).
It was snowing sideways for most of the drive.., where did the sunny spring weather go?

Walked around a sunny Ume all day today listening to documentaries and Patrik Larsson (swedish comedy show, Mammas Nya Kille). This band MGMT have been getting a lot of playtime lately too. They don´t have a proper music video to this song yet, but here´s a youtube clip of the song. It´s one of the greatest songs I´ve heard in a long time. I can guarantee that at least three snowboard movies will use them this year.
Please go buy their album, it soooo good. Don´t steal it!

I also joined Orvar and his friend Petter for some shredding at the local mtn.
But they had closed the hill for the season, well they have closed it for snowboarders...
The local ski club (probably funded with tax money) have exclusive access to the t-bar.
So while they run the t-bar for the 15 or so skiers and their parents (who won´t hesitate to yell at you for trying to get on "their" lift) us snowboarders are stuck hiking...
And how these future speed suit racers will become better racers and people by ruining the jumps that the snowboarders have built while being told by their parents that they are better than snowboarders is beyond me.
The t-bar has a capacity of at least 200 people, but since skiers run these little resorts they have no problem giving the local ski kids and their parents exclusive access to use it while the boarders look on... and the lift is running empty.
The story from the 50´s of the black seamstress Rosa Parks who denied her seat to a white person on a bus comes to mind after my encounter with the fascist skiing parents today.
Well, it wasn´t quite that harsh, but to me still very strange behavior for being in Sweden in 2008.
Especially after reading the guidelines and mottos of the Vännäs Ski Club:

I was too tired to hike the jumps so I took these pics instead.

Little groms in training to become elitist racers in Kex Choklad speedsuits.

Not that these skiers are elistist, but they to have Kex Choklad speedsuits and that´s what most skiing parents dream of putting on their kids.
I dream of mine doing 360 kickflips like Jason Lee, but that´s another story.

Speaking of kids... grattis David och Stina!

Hope all you americans got your taxes done yesterday. Need to pay for W´s war.
Especially when he said the american troops had already prevailed and won the war in May of 2003...

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