Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Little Trip to Ume and DC are making skis!

Had no idea my friend "Killer" was a model. I´ve been eating this fermented milk / yogurt called "Lätt A-Fil" for a while and he´s the frekkin carton model a´la David Hasselhof on it! Funny.

Went to hang out with some friends and watch some music in Ume this weekend. I was pretty clueless about the bands playing (and one of the oldest farts there). But this song stuck to my head, it was a great live performance and it sorta connected with me.

A lot of time at the pre party was spent on youtube. We laughed at Svullo (swedish comedian who past away a few years ago) and some exited funny looking japanese people.

Svullo wants candy from Angne.

Svullo reading the news for the deaf.

Human Tetris!

We had swedish mexican food too, aka great mexican food. I´ve eaten at a lot of mexican places and there´s nothing like swedish mexican food. It´s kind of like a mix of Taco Bell / Rubios / Chipotle / La Salsa, so basically all the good places in the US. I´m not a fan of authentic dirty mexican food, I love the franchise stuff. But the swedish style is the best, especially if you can have some swedish sparkling water with it.

We had some ambitions to snowboard in Vännäs (local hill) on Sunday, but the combination of losing an hour due to daylight savings, cloudy weather and the 0.02 legal alcohol level to drive we skipped the shred session.

When dropping off Killer at the Falconswamp we encountered some raindeers.I wish it was legal to shoot them. Would have made a great dinner. But no, the lapplanders can have them roam around the highways and private houses as much as they want. They make great death traps when they lick the salt of the highways.I couldn´t find a pic of the stupid raindeers on a highway, but you get the point.. hitting them behind a crest at 100km/h isn´t awesome. And then you / your insurance have to pay the owners lotsa money cause you killed their animals that were chillin on the highway. Makes sense.

I´ll let my rally friends Travis and Christian demonstrate what happens when you hit a deer.

Last, but not least.. DC Shoes are making skis!
I could see DVS Shoes making wakeboards since they sponsor wakeboarders, or Burton making skis since they have skiers on their goggle company Anon, but DC... I guess I just never thought it would happen.
I respect skiing (well some of it) and think they do some pretty cool stuff on their two narrow snowboards but having them come to the DC Mtn Lab will be weird.

Could it have to do with that DC snowboards are made at the Rossignol factory? And Steve Caballero (legendary skateboarder) just did an art collaboration with Rossignol on some skis. So maybe the Rossi people are the ones behind it? Only time will tell.

/ Pierre


Anonymous said...

that makes me mad
now dc is just out there to make money
no more board company for skaters and boarders
its just some big company trying to make money : (
all in all still a sweet company but it might go down hill from here

Niklas said...

Sweet! Nu ska jag lägga in som förslag att vi i patrullen i Björkis nästa år ska jobba på DC-plankor. Vi får väl se vad Dynastar-talibanerna här uppe säger om det.

tony said...

aren't you forgetting this is realy just Quiksilver using there different sub brands to make other areas of the business cool. Obviously Rossignol are making the skis not DC and I'm sure DC will just put some designs together...

Now Quik own them both it really isn't that a big a surprise...