Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ume snowboard session

So the the hill in Vännäs let Gotte (cat driver) build some sweet shit for the local swedish media.
I´m all for having snowboard shoots north of Stockholm. So I´m stoked this one happened.

Sick sunset in Umeå yesterday.

Anders "Nyqvist" Neuman and other swedish photdawgs were there to document. Keep your eyes peeled in Transition and Onboard.

I haven´t had that many productive shoots up here, but the one in Björkliden last May turned out pretty good. Sure it´s not easy to get stuff done there. But I enjoy being here in the springtime, hopefully there will be more shoots up here in the future.
Riksgränsen are having an event early May and Björkliden are having a shovel made slopestyle contest next weekend.

Craig in Riksgränsen in 1991? I stole the pic from and Martin Willners.

The last 2.5 min of this clip is from the Björkliden/Abisko trip last year.

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