Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Editing rally clips

It´s been like 2 months in the making and I´m still not done with them..
Music licensing is taking forever. I requested 8 songs or something 6-8 weeks ago for these two webclips and one cleared within a few weeks and none of the other 7 has... I hear it´s close though.

Clearing music for webclips (and we pay well) feels borderline dumb. The artist/label/publisher would never know if I didn´t pay for them, but I do cause it´s the right thing to do. But when it takes this long I´m starting to think it isn´t the right thing to do.

It´s cloudy outside.. wish I was snowboarding. Went to check the webcam in Kåbdalis.., sunny and 6+.

Heard it´s dumping in Salt Lake too... and the sun is shining in Fiji and Hawaii...
the Cadillac is waiting in Cali (so is Baja Fresh, Taco Bell and Chipotle).




San Diego.


Heard rumors that Åre might be an option next week.. Actionhorse Films are coming to town. They better bring some Taco Bell.

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Ben (NO) said...

Damn, those rally clips seem to be a real pain in the ass.
Nice blog by the way. Been reading it for apprx. a year now, and it's allways awesome to see what the maker of some of the worlds best snowboardfilms is up to!
The artist you mentioned in an earlier post is Lykke Li, isn't it? She's touring here in Norway now, with some really great tunes!