Thursday, May 08, 2008

LA and O-Matic Shoot in Tahoe.

Been cruising around a lot lately...

Went to LA with sis and did Six Flags (rollercoasters), that was so fun. Even if "X2" wasn´t opened yet. Can´t wait for that one.

These benches are really good for skateboarding. I want one. If you look really closely you can see the Hollywwood sign in the background.

Me and sis.

Saw a Jay Leno taping.

Ed Helms from The Office was there as well as senator McCain´s wife.

I saw McCain at my first Leno taping about 6 or so years ago. He was talking about how bad women were treated in the arab world and how civilized americans were in comparison.. I almost left when the audience gave him a standing ovation.. but that was then... now his wife was in the hot seat. And she seemed like a smart determined woman, but lets hope that she doesn´t become the 1st lady this fall... cause another republican in office for four years would be.. well not awesome.

I also did a shoot for O-Matic this past weekend. It was a good time. Some swedes came by and the people and Snowpark Tech did an amazing job shaping a sweet pile of snow for us.

Woina did massive aerials.

O-Matic are having a video editing contest where you´ll be able to download all the clips from the shoot, edit it and send them a quicktime. Whoever does the the best edit will win sweet ass prices. Pretty sure every entrant will get some product ass well for their efforts.
More on that later (when I´ve logged the clips).

The Forum dudes were trying to hit this massive jump one day. They had a helicopter filming them trying to get speed for at least an hour before we took the cable car down.
Wouldn´t it be a little bit more cost efficient and less stressful for the riders if they actually made it over the jump before hovering with a heli for an hour?
I don´t know the circumstances but I know Eddie Wall hurt himself really bad after I had left. Broken collar bone and some other fractures... so lame. And he´s already had some bad accidents this year.
Get better Edward!

There are many great hikes around Tahoe. Huge pine cones are common too.

Now it´s sleepy time, hopefully I´ll be able to finish the 10th episode of Lost before Mr Sandman comes.

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