Thursday, April 03, 2008

I like Youtube

I just got the biggest speedbump clearing a song. The frekkin band cleared one that´s ok but not the one I edited to already! And they said it would clear... like WTF! So pissed.

Anyway, found this little number that I filmed (with Spring Break Jake) in the summer of 2006, that was a good summer. Except my limp in June that I just got back this week. Sciatic nerve (ischias) crap..
Try googeling "sciatic nerve" for some gross pics like this:
Now that´s a big frekkin nerve, as thick as a finger!
And boy does it hurt.

This was a podcast on the DC Shoes site in the fall of 2006, figured a lot of people haven´t seen it.

Joe Carlino from Transworld Snow edited it. It´s also a bonus feature on the Mtn Lab 1.5 dvd, but with one song swapped out (thanks music industry).

Notice the "nut cracker" lift thing in some shots. They use them at some smaller resorts in NZ cause they only have a wire.. no t-bar or anything. This is due to the small amount of visitors and the guys running the resorts are farmers who just want to help out so you don´t have to hike.
You have a harness on at all times and a tool to grab the wire with. It sucks so bad. Especially if you´re goofy footed cause you have to take the nut cracker behind your back when you pass the sketchy poles. How nobody lost a finger this day is a miracle. Only in NZ would it be possible to have a resort like this were laws are mearly suggestions.
Add a huge backpack with a tripod and a small tiny ice cave tunnel at the end of the lift and you panic, at least I did. The powder the day we went to Mt Olympus was really good (see pic below), I did get some shots but I was too intimidated by the nut cracker lift to take more than a few runs.
Here are some pics from that trip:

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Hey man, I have been looking at your blog for awhile now. But since you brought up old video stuff you have done. where can I buy afterbang on dvd? I have looked online but still have found nothing. Thanks Rorie