Saturday, April 26, 2008

California Welcome Comity?

So this is how it´s gone be eh?

Frekkin sharks eating people?

Do now they closed off the beach... no surfing tomorrow.
Well they closed off a stretch, like 10km I think. Why close of 10km?
The shark can´t be further away than that? Hmmm...

Heard that they came by the nearby surf spots with a helicopter and told the surfers to get out of the water, cause there was a shark in the water.

Here´s a map of the area. It happened literally right where I live / have lived the past two years.

The bottom marker "Del Mar" is where I lived in 2006.
The top yellow marker "Cardiff" is where I lived in 2007.
The "Pepa´s" marker is where I´m staying now.

Well it´s a sad day here, everybody is talking about it.
Imagine, his six friends were right next to him when the shark bit his legs off...

Swedish media even wrote about it.

Thought about going to Coachella tomorrow. But it seemed like a mission... need to figure some logistics out. Although pool parties and listening to Prince´s "Little Red Corvette" in 38 degree heat sounds tempting.
I´ll settle for tacos on the beach and 25 degrees.

Tired now, been sleeping four hours in the last 2 days.. but really happy to see friends, my Caddy and Taco Bell (yes, I already ate there). But I don´t know if I can fall asleep... I´ve been awake for so long, it´s 3.30am and I have a brand new episode of LOST to watch...

Oh and for whatever you do, NEVER sit in 26E or F on the Lufthansa flight between Frankfurt and Denver. No reclining seats (I´m talkin only vertical backrest) for 10 hours and 10 min... and they are middle seats too. Guess where I got seated?

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