Thursday, March 27, 2008

Secret Movies in Mtn Lab 1.5 + NZ Rally Clips

I had to spill some beans so you could enjoy some secret clips in the DC movie.
(blogger won´t let me add links to the page, so you´ll just have to copy-paste to read it)

Also did a little mini shred mission again by my parents house. This spot would be fun to ride with some pow and a snowmobile.
Peter Ström getting jibby with it.
It made me think about doing a snowboard movie
that´s completely shot in Sweden. That would be awesome. There are some many things to do.. I wonder who would fund it?

Here´s a mellow rail that I back lipped

On a sidenote, I had one of the best meals last night when me and the fam went out to eat. I took the more dull plate with raindeer filet while my mom went for the horse filet and OMG, it was so tasty. Top 3 cuts of meat ever. So don´t be afraid to order the horse.

And for those of you who didn´t watch the behind the NZ rally car behind the scenes clips on the DC site, here they are on youtube.

Original part

Behind the scenes

Hope all is well out there, feel free to comment once in a while. I know there are hundreds of readers out there everyday:)


Michael said...

Wow, for some stupid reason I thought overshooting that jump was a minor mistake, guess the movies really lie when it comes to stuff like this.
Just wanted to give you late props on the whole Mountain Lab Video, it's very nice.

Anonymous said...

En rolig och intressant blogg, som innehåller många händelserika stunder och som ger underhållande läsning!
Fortsätt med det goda arbetet =)

Big Ups!

Anonymous said...

eating horses is fucking disgusting. would you eat a dog? sick.

Markie Wan Kenobi said...

Dude - full love to you and the Lab boys for making a shitty UK winter a bit more bearable!!!!

Love the stuff you do man - keep it up!!!

Andreas said...

Amazing Pierre!

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