Thursday, December 03, 2009

Laugh or cry?

So my least favorite car makes a commercial with two skaters, in downtown LA.
I wasn´t sure if this was a joke, a serious commercial or some clip the students at Chapman were working on.
Apparently it´s a very serious piece with a serious budget.

The director seems like such an LA coke head with really bad skate knowledge and vocabulary. Sure he might not be what I´m stereotyping him as, but he seems like one.

What´s up with the iMovie super8 filter they are using? The angles are like beyond lame. Fuck he can´t even get the car to move around well. Looks like they have the handbreak on coming up the parking garage.
And the editing.. oh gees.. mirroring skate tricks is pretty lame too. But then again, only 0.0000001% of the people who watch this crap will notice/care about that.

Who likes this? I mean the car looks bad as it is, Jake´s and Pat´s skating looks pretty lame (even though they are very talented) and the camera, editing, and post production is horrible.

Hint to Ford. Give me a call next time. I´ll spend half your money, make your product look twice as good and save you from another failed commercial.

Here´s the behind the scenes clip:

It´s shit like this that keeps me wondering what I´m doing with my life. Why aren´t I making commercials that makes the company look good. It´s pretty apparent that they don´t want to look good.


Anonymous said...

was this another terrible in game trailer for a new tony hawk pro dater game?

Tom said...

eww, definitely cry

Corby said...

Agreed worst comercial ever. Why would you get an IRL driver to do drifting stunts when Ford has a pro drift driver on staff?

Anonymous said...

Where is Mega Fox, thought this is Transformers with Skaterrollers?

Anonymous said...

American cars always has been and always will be crap compared to _any_ german car. Quality and handling is a joke. If ford really would want to promote this car, why not let someone in cheap plastic four-wheel slide the whole three minutes.

Kale said...

I just don't understand the correlation between skating and the car. If you want to market the car to a certain crowd, thats fine, but don't do it in a way that makes zero sense. One word for this commercial: GAY.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why they used skating with the car it made no sense, almost as much sense as Body spray and skateboarding this was right up there with the double pits to chesty commercial