Monday, December 14, 2009

Here´s a lo fi version of the Carroll clip.

Like I mentioned earlier I´d been thinking about doing something like Carroll´s clip for a while, but might never do now.

Here´s a very lo fi version of one of the two shots I had in mind.


Anonymous said...

Could it be any more Eurosport?

Anonymous said...

Jon Olsson did that already 5 years ago...

fast forward to 3:07

Pierre Wikberg said...

Yeah I did it a long time ago as well.

But had plans to make a scripted version of it with a camera rig that involved more than ones hands.

You get the idea.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the first post. Look at the eurosport FIS halfpipe worldcup reports, back thenis was freakin anoying just like it is today. This shit totally ruins a trick's aestetic.

Pierre Wikberg said...

Some of you don´t get it I guess.

I´m obviously not trying to be like Eurosport. If that´s what you thought you are idiots.


Anonymous said...

WOW chill dude
raed carefully, I don't think you are trying to be teh same but it's as annoying as the idiots who tried it back then.
Well, that's an idea don't take is as an insult man, besides this "effect" I have realy been enjoying your work for years now.