Sunday, December 13, 2009

Found a clip I made on Youtube.

Well not really. I made the clip for DC´s Mtn Lab movie in 2005 and I haven´t seen any clips from that movie with more than 100.000 views or something.
But this clip, which someone raped and put horrible (unless you are a Volcom stoner) jazz tunes to has 730.00 views. Incredible.
Kind of funny how at least 730.000 people have seen this clip, but only about 200.000 has seen the original version ( including 100.000 Youtube views).

Why change the song? Why put it the effort? And why this it have 730.000 views? 73 views would make more sense.
I read the comments and people like it..

Gees, no wonder I´m unemployed. I obviously don´t know what´s good anymore.... kidding, I do.

People are such morons.
What´s up with every other comment on clips on Youtube being "What´s the song?"
Fucking morons, in 90% of the cases it´s spelled out at the start or the end of the clip. The other 10% of the time it´s in the description. Fuck people, grow a fucking brain.
And I worry about changing an edit to another song until I get an ulcer.. then I spend 20 hours re-editing and always feel like I raped the original version. And then this dude completely lays down a new tune on it in 10 sec and people love it?!

And to the hundreds of thousands who think the dude who uploaded this clip made it, are you that stupid? I guess so.. I can´t wait for the lizards from V to come and eat this sorry excuse for a species. As long as they eat the stupid ones first. Then the ones who doesn´t believe us humans are an evolving species. Then they can eat me.

Here´s the original version, for those of you who care (not my upload):

So why do I care? I just have very little faith in humanity and people on Youtube. It´s scary.
Am I bitter? Not really. Just sucks to see something you made get raped. Since people still like the raped version it makes me think why me, the riders, the brands and the musicians involved in creating the original piece even bother.

Here are some of the 600 comments:

mellowest fucking music ever...fits perfictally to the vid!

the song fits teh video perfectly

the best video with the best musi i have ever seen. man it makes me so relaksed.

sick video and the music was pretty tight to go along with this video, didn't mind it. It was actually pretty good music..sweet video

fuckin sick. Its gonna be a kick ass season. too fuckin stoked. I'm watchin this shit all day every day

did u guys learn those tricks by yourself???? or did u take leasons???

love the music

sweet video AND sweet music

sick song so chill

Awesome jumps and flips!!!

yo wats the name of the song?!?

this video with its music represents what snowboarding is about - just one of the best videos on youtube !!!! AWESOME !!!!

awesome! great music, much respect dudes

whats the song called?

What kind of boards are they all riding?

Nice video. Great song.

this video is great!
where can i download this song? :$ :)

im so sad i cant find the sone on itunes :(

by far the best freestyle snowboarding video on youtube.

Great job off the video guys i really like it :)

hey whats the name of the song ? And where was the video made ?

whats the name of the music track used in this video?

Awesome...looks soooo difficult to cool. I just wish somebody would give the name of the tune!!!!!!!!!!!!!

exellent music made by japanees trip hop master ! if you need music for your video you can checks on my label

Whats the name of the song under the video?

This.. Is one of the best videos I've ever watched!

one of the dopest snowboard vids i ever saw!!! incredible riders, fuckin stylish tricks, cool musik!!!!

amazing video!
and how is the song caled?

great video and perfect music!

Im a skier but i have to say this is one sweet video. The music makes it so good and some of the photography ooooooooo Fiiinnnneee.

what is this song called ? ( : so dope !

Great Video! Getting me pumped for winter and the music is perfect.

this video is sick, I like how it has backcountry, park, and crazy ass random freestyle tricks that mesh super good with the mellow music. sick video

SIIIIIIICK video, can anyone tell me the song please??

Could anyone tell me the name of the song plese:)

this song is F-R-E-S-H

hey, what song artist is this?

wicked video and really sweet music.
what music is this???

what mt is this? it loooks familiar

Great vid!
well chosen song!

travis parker??? thought it was barker

great vid, love the track too.

one the best 5 minutes i spend on youtube

the music is sick dude, up the culture level, Vid is one of the best. Front flip at beginning was perfect

Guys these guys are epik, so really I love rock to man but it was actually pretty cool what they did with the music, props to them.

nice track, who is it by?.... bit like bonobo!

whati is this song ????

For anybody who's interested, I'm making a video this year. Might not turn out as good as this one though. Anybody who wants to see themselves in a video can send one in.

Love the video, love their skills, love the music... Id give ten stars if I could!

what song is this, its actually really good =P

really good. what is the name of song..?!

whats the name of the song please ?!

What's the song's name??

were is that filmed

The Music couldn't Be better!
Nice Choice!
Nice Jazz!!!!

who is artist of these song ?

really nice video and awsome music, relaxing too travis parker is the man!


Anonymous said...

What's the song in the original version?

Pierre Wikberg said...


b-rad said...

well the mtn. lab soundtrack is still on my ipod to this day, and the roadtrips section had my favorite trick of the whole movie, parker's back rodeo 9 at northstar.

thanks for making good stuff pierre

Anonymous said...

Thats a tite remix, what song is that?

Corby said...

I know how you feel. I have been frustrated by the youtube thing lately too. My vids get like 100 views and teenybopper emo fag kids get a million.

mattchew said...

Youtube is pretty lame these days. Mtn. lab is and will be one of my favorite riding films, right behind afterbang and afterlame of course. Keep up the good work Pierre!

Minibike said...

1st comment is on point.

Anonymous said...

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