Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two Family Guy moments


Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with these videos but are you in charge of editing the next DC Gymkhana TWO for Ken Block or is that some other people? The first one was sick! Also you wouldn't happen to know where there would be anymore videos of Ken Block in his rally car up on the mountain with the tracks would you? I watched your one clip and I'm thinking there's gonna be some sick shit going down once new snowboard movies start hitting the shelves!

Pierre Wikberg said...

No, unfortunately I couldn´t be involved with that shoot.
I didn´t have anything to do with the first one either.

But I will try and make myself involved in the third one.. I have some ideas.

There might be a clip with his track car around somewhere. I´ll blog about it if/when it surfaces.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Man!