Friday, May 22, 2009

I blame my bad mood on the liquor store

So I´m working late nights and early mornings with this clip...
I was not super amped this evening, but needed to get closer to the end of the tunnel so to speak.

After a short stroll around town I thought.. hmm it´s 18.45.. maybe I should go get some booze or wine coolers (incase I have a great couple of hours behind the computer) before the stupid liquor stores close.

So I hustled to the closest one thinking I was real smart to plan ahead a little.
Guess if it was open... NOT!

My semi good mood that was on the uprise turned to hatred. I got so mad, me a 32 year old, can´t get some wine coolers at 18.45 on a mother fucking Friday! (enter Ari Gold´s voice, skip to 1:13 in this clip)

I couldn´t motivate myself to possibly go out again after I got behind the computer. Stupid fucking closed liquor store.

Since I now was in an apartment with zero alcohol I didn´t want to know what might be going on in the city tonight.
I even went to three stores to see if they had any 3.5% ciders, they didn´t. Just 20 kinds of 3.5% beers.
I asked a clerk (fully knowing he wouldn´t be able to help me) why they didn´t have any ciders over 2.25% and he said they don´t like to carry them because young kids might get drunk if they did. I promptly asked; What about me? What should I drink then?
He looked at me like I was retarded. "Eeehh, beers maybe?" No I don´t drink that shit I said and moped away.

Ok, so it´s like 6 hours later now. I´m editing away here. Trying to make a sweet piece out of no footage under severe deadline threats is always fun, not.

Then my friend Effe calls. Where are you? Come down!
I just heard some loud ass noise in the background.
I respond: Hmmm, maybe... sounds like "Familjen" (which made me jealous they were dancing their butts of to one of my current favorite bands).
My thoughts: OMG! Familjen is playing and I´m 2 kilometers away, sober, behind a computer... WTF!

Seriously. I would pay $1,000 to be buzzed with my friends and see them on a Friday night. But no, I can´t turn back time. Mother fucker!

So as they are boogieing away I´m writing this post. Pissed at myself for not knowing that Familjen were in town. But also pissed at the fucking liquor store that was closed in the middle of the day (yes 18.45 is in the middle of a fucking Friday!)

I´m so pissed. Can´t focus. And I can´t wait for some solidaric communist swedes to reply to my rant about not being able to buy booze when I want. Fucking bring it. I´ve been wanting to mail some anthrax to the liquor store executives for the past 6 hours. Come debate the matter with me if you dare.

I´ve never tried a drug other than alcohol in my life, but with this shit annoying me like a herd of hemorrhoids (assuming that´s fairly annoying) I´m running out of options to get a buzz when I feel like it.

And when I´m in rehab I´ll sue Sweden for making me turn to drugs.

Have a fucking great weekend. God knows (or does he) a weekend like this won´t come back, EVER!

Here´s the brilliant video "Snurrar I Min Skalle" from Familjen.
Mother fucker I am PISSED! And they aren´t touring this summer either, even more pissed now! Arrrghhh!

And no, I´m not an alcoholic. I just want some mother fucking freedom.


maggie.01 said...

i live in utah so i can feel your pain. but that's NUTS to not be open on a friday afternoon. i thought Sweden was all open minded and cool. why are their liquor laws so weird?

Pierre Wikberg said...

Scandinavians are generally very loose and liberal.

I mean abortion and stuff isn't frown upon.

You can have 10 kids and 5 abortions, but the government doesn't trust you to buy alcohol after 6pm.

I know what Utah is like. Those fucking liquor stores don't sell to foreigners! Fascists.

On St Patrick's day I felt like having some warm Smirnoff Ice and drove over to the liquor store.
I was flattered that they asked for my ID (I don't look 21) but the flattering turned into confusion and anger when the moron (and possibly mormon) said they don't accept foreign ID.

My buddies always have to buy me Mike Hard Lemonade in Utah, so dumb. And the grocery stores and gas stations carry like 100 kinds of beers but no wine coolers. Fucking discrimination .

Anonymous said...

That song Familjen does with Ninsun Poli is dope as fuck. Oh, and not trying to be a dick, but in Canada most liquor stores are open til 10 on weekdays, later on weekends.

maggie.01 said...

oh god, that's ridiculous. i never thought about how hard it would be for a foreigner trying to buy liquor here. wow. i'm always amused that they close them on election days.

and i know they used to sell mikes hard lemonade at the grocery stores but apparently the mormon/utah government thought it contributed to teenage pregnancy so they decided to make it harder to get. oy.

Jonny said...

Du vaknade iallafall säkert inte upp med en sprängande huvudvärk som jag gjorde beep..

Hampus said...

Ja du har ju bara bott i sverige 28 av dina 32 år. Måste va jävla krånligt att lägga på minnet att systemet stänger en viss tid. Halleluja, att du orkar.

Pierre Wikberg said...

Skitlätt att veta att dom stänger 18 på fredagar men 19 på torsdagar.

Precis som att det hjälper samhället att bara en butik i city har öppet längre än 18.
Är det meningen att man ska promma 5km för att köpa cider? Och på vilket sätt blir det mindre fylla å fajt då? Alla alkisar hänger ju ändå ut på dom bolagen som har öppet längst.

Du har ju booze hemma du, jag har inget hem och därav ingen booze. Tjockis.

Anonymous said...

haha, fixa ett hem då. Jag vet att du är god för det.