Monday, May 18, 2009

Hint to the music and tv industry..

Hire me and I can tell you that you CAN NOT think of music, tv and movie distribution in regions.

If Lost has a season finale at 6pm eastern time you can bet your ass it will be online at some torrent at 9pm eastern for the rest of the world to see...

Same with music and movies. The consumer/viewer will not wait to watch it until you (the suits and tools at Sony, WMG, EMI, Universal etc) feel it fit to be released in say Sweden...

Release it like you do on Hulu, but do it worldwide, maybe be regional ads.. but don´t count on people waiting to see it 4 months later. The www is as global as it gets.

This goes out the dated relic known as the music industry. Collaborate with people/companies like Spotify (the best legal way to share and listen to music that I know of). Even a good itunes consumer like myself is turning to Spotify.. and that´s all the market research you need.

This is the message I got when I wanted to watch the Family Guy season finale before going to bed:

Since I´m in the wrong region you give no choice other than to download it illegally from some torrent.. and thereby missing out on valuable ad space/money.


Konra said...

jag hoppas dom anställer dig pierre :)

b-rad said...

I've been living in France this year and have been doing the same, i've finally resorted to hooking up to a VPN in the states, my college network. it acts like a proxy and let's you watch some things like HULU that are region specific. but yeah. regions are lame on DVDs too.