Monday, May 11, 2009

Music Playlist

Transition Magazine asked me to do a Spotify playlist. For those who happen to live in the US and other nations where Spotify isn´t accessible yet I´m attaching a jpg (click to enlarge) so you can at least see it.

Spotify is, for those who haven´t had the privilege to use it, a legal way to share music.
You never need to own an actual mp3 file. It´s all streaming.

So you can search (much like in the itunes store) for music you like and then you can add them to your library/playlists.

Once you have them you can log in to any computer that has Spotify and access your music. Perfect for parties, vacations and whatnot.
You can also email or instant message your playlists (extremely easy) to friends so they can enjoy your tunes.
It´s truly revolutionizing. And it´s free if you don´t mind a few commercials, or you can pay $100 for a year without commercials.

Here´s the article:

And here is the Spotify playlist:

It doesn´t work for some.. I hear.
Here are the two options I get from my Spotify:


Transition also have a lot of other playlists on their "Stokify" page.
A bunch of snow/skate movie soundtracks etc.
You can find them here:


(^_^) simon said...

gick inte å hitta playlisten:((

Pierre Wikberg said...

Jag la till url å http från min Spotify.. hoppas det funkar nu.

Krist Offer said...

Gött att få se hela playlisten. Jag trodde först att du claima att du bara levt i 21 år eftersom jag bara får upp 21 låtar i UK. Men nu fick jag höra att spotify har rättigheter till olika låtar i olika regioner. SÅ jag får tex inte höra Radiohead, 50 cent och johnny cash.