Monday, May 25, 2009

Danny Way, watch out!

Andreas Karlsson might have a world record in "streetsurf" long distance jump!

According to the article it seems like he landed on his tailbone though... but the distributor of these cool skateboard / inline hybrid Robban Johansson is certain that NOBODY else in the WORLD has jumped the record distance (12 streetsurf boards).

They are currently waiting for the two video clips they shot (multiple angle son..) to be reviewed by the Guinness book of world records.

According to the (possible) world record jumper streetsurf shares the technique from snowboarding but you do skateboard tricks with it. Of course there are no bindings, awesomeness or snow involved.

Article here (in swedish):

You can learn about streetsufing in this clip (which was excruciating to watch, the tools, the voice, the music... aaahh)

And after watching that last clip caused me to almost vomit, I found an even possible video.

Oh god. Watching a third video now. What the fuck is up with these people? (granted they are obviously allowed to have a good time)
Why do they have this music. All three clips have the three worst songs I've heard in the past year.

Sure even some of the most skilled skate/snowboarders have had their share of confusing youth (like inlines), but why do people keep coming out with these weird ass board hybrids?
They know it's not going to last (remember snakeboarding?). So is just to make a quick buck? Or do they really believe in the awesomeness of their stupid invention?
I don't dare click on a fourth clip.
Third one, here:

Here are three clips of Danny Way, if for some reason you don't know who he is:
1 - Jumping over the Great Wall in China, short version
2 - Jumping over the Great Wall in China, long version
3 - Short clip / documentary from Spike TV

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