Thursday, May 07, 2009

Many years ago

I spent some serious time in Hemsedal Norway during the spring months.

I want to say this was in the spring of 2001 because I think I had just gotten my first Apple Titanium PowerBook (which still functions and has firewire hook ups and built in wi-fi.. what PC from 2001 can you say that about?).

During one of many cloudy days I borrowed a dvd (yes, we travelled with dvd cases then, pre avi files) from my friend Brusti and without knowing what it was I went to my room and my life changed a little after that.
I got really into Angelo Badalamenti´s music, saw some more David Lynch movies (most sucked, Twin Peaks is his best work+this movie I´m mentioning now) and got really hooked on John Deere hats.

The dvd had a Disney logo on it, so I was skeptical. But it was a great movie.

I really recommend watching it, maybe next Sunday..? Love Sunday tv time.

Here are two trailers for "Straight Story":

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köpt guld än?