Thursday, May 21, 2009

More cops who want to hit people

The guy got 20 years for trying to run over a cop (would probably get you 2 months, in Sweden).

My 2 cents:
American cops want to beat people up too often.
Swedish punishment, for offenses like this, is a joke.

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b-rad said...

hey pierre,

yes, american cops are different.

granted, when one of their own is hit they get a little angry, but this is nuts.

unconscious, come on. that's just pathetic. sadly, police brutality is a historical tradition in the states.

I've meet police in 5 countries now, and can say that only in the states was i ever afraid. it's an attitude, i could go on forever about this, but i will basically say the role of law enforcement has changed from protector to punisher, and they've picked up that role and ran with it.

-at work even-

and the one that started it all....

LA's rodney king