Friday, April 24, 2009

You gotta love to hate Bill O'Reilly

And Bill, Sweden had over 9 million people in 2005. Not that it matters that much, but I just like correcting stuff in your make believe world.

Bill also called Jessica Alba dumb for saying Sweden are/were a neutral country:

Wow Bill, you´re awesome.

Another funny quote from George W Bush from 2002.
Holocaust survivor and CA congressman Tom Lantos mentioned to Pres Bush that that Sweden with their 25,000 soldiers could serve as peacekeepers on the West Bank/Gaza:
''I don't know why you're talking about Sweden,'' Bush said. ''They're the neutral one. They don't have an army.''
''Mr. President, you may have thought that I said Switzerland. They're the ones that are historically neutral, without an army.'' Then Lantos mentioned, in a gracious aside, that the Swiss do have a tough national guard to protect the country in the event of invasion.
Bush held to his view. 
''No, no, it's Sweden that has no army.''
The room went silent, until someone changed the subject.

For more sweet Bill O'Reilly clips go here.

And here's a sweet 5 min clip with W, very funny:


ryan said...

nice, jump on the "i hate bill o'reilly train," you faggot.

Jack said...

Actually I like Bill O'Reily. He makes very good points sometimes...

Anonymous said...

It scares the shit out of me that there are people functionally enough to log on to this website who likes Bill...


Pierre said...

Yeah I have no idea how anyone can think O´Reilly can make a good point.

He´s an elitist idiot.

How´s your fag ass Ryan?

Anonymous said...

köpt guld än?

lenetra said...

miss see these links!!!!

Anonymous said...

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