Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Snowboard Camp by Ström Dogg

My friend Peter Ström is starting up a camp called Brotherhood.

If there´s one guy on the planet that loves to shred and spread joy while doing it it´s Peter.

Go here for more info.

Here´s a crazy photo of Peter from the road between Lech and St Anton. Insane. He almost killed himself doing it.
He was ready to drop in when Wolle Nyvelt told him that he should prolly climb up a few more meters. He did and then dropped in and barely made it over, nuts.
Photo by Vincent Skoglund.



mau said...

nice action!!!
is there a movie of this craziness?

Gabe L'Heureux said...

How does he have legs after doing this gap. such a flat landing.