Thursday, April 16, 2009

Afterbang skis? WTF!?

So now there´s a ski named "Afterbang".. wow. And with skateboard artist Jim Phillips graphics!

Don´t know if I should laugh or cry.

Here´s the blog I found it on:

As some people know "Afterbang" was a movie that Robot Food made in 2002. It´s also a word to describe an over steezed out way to land your trick.
Skiers didn´t really get this so the word afterbang to them (well some) means a good landing. Funny.

Here´s something I found on
Skiers not only have the misfortune of inheriting snowboarding's worst modes of dress, we also get its second-hand terminology. For instance, whereas "tindy" is an old school snowboard grab that is neither tail nor indy, it has become skiing's "cool new grab", where it is similarly grabbed half-assed. Perhaps the greatest misappropriation of a snowboard term is freeskiing's love of the word "afterbang". Popularized when Robot Food dropped their 2002 freshman film, Afterbang, the term connotes an effort to make a sketchy trick look better by forcefully puffing one's chest after landing. The greater ski community never received that memo however, and six years later we have successfully changed the word-meaning "whipped cream on crap" to "the icing on the cake". Skiers everywhere are now thrusting out their hips and arching their backs while trying to appear relaxed as they ride away from a trick — two ideas which are as counterintuitive as they sound. On top of all this, the Tall Tee and "afterbang" movements have unified their fronts. Literally. Between rail features, groups of skiers often "afterbang" by forming a slope-descending circle and grabbing onto each other's garments — all with the intent of properly stretching out their Tall Tees. Really. 

Anthony Van Engelen has some sweet afterbangs in the new Alien Workshop video.


Anonymous said...


Apeman said...

Chill out, and stop acting like a religious freak who demands there is only one way or else. How did a skateboarder become so uptight about being laid back? Most of the time Afterbang is used in skiing it's as a joke because obviously exaggerating a landing to that degree as you state is hilarious and not to be taken seriously. Anyways, I'll let you get back to deciding which sports can use what verbage to what degree.

Pierre said...

I don´t demand anything.

I´m just not happy about a ski company naming a ski "Afterbang".

The funny part is that some skiers don´t understand that afterbang is a description of an exaggerated that makes the person look funny. I can see that you get it, but a lot of skiers think it´s a proper way of landing and therefor funny.

And if Robot Food would have trademarked Afterbang I´m pretty sure Line skis would have a lawsuit / seize and assist on their hands.

And if you can´t understand why I´d be bummed on Jim Phillips selling his stuff to a ski graphic I guess you didn´t grow up with his graphics on your walls, clothing and other skate related stuff.

Apeman said...

Stop being such a supremist. So only skateboard brands are worthy of using Jimbo's art? Give me break! We used it because we respect it just like you. If you knew about the product you'd see the ski construction completely throws out traditional ski construction and replaces with an 8 ply maple construction just like a skateboard and we give big props to skateboarding for it. There is no top or side plastic, no core, just 8 ply maple. The ski took over 4 years to develop and is deisgned for skiing urban and park, its not for your mom. We are paying respect to Jim's legendary art and skateboard culture by using that art on this construction. You've just proven that skateboard culture has zero respect for anyone outside it, which is the complete opposite of every other sport. Go join the Taliban.

Pierre said...

I can obviously see that we can´t see eye to eye on this.
I love it when a skier (assuming) calls be a supremist who should join the taliban.

You might think you´re paying respect to Jim Phillip´s art. But as I see it you´re using his art to try and sell a ski.
Which is fine. Grenade (glove company) and DC shoes has also done that in recent years and I´m sure there are skaters that frown upon snowboard companies using Jim´s art since it is so tied in to Santa Cruz skateboards.

If you can´t understand that that´s ok.

I read up on the ski and it´s construction. And you can give all the props you want to skateboarding for inventing that design/construction. But you will never be respected by skateboarders who you seem to want respect so much. I know my snowboard related work is dissed on by skaters all the time but I can live with their narrow minded opinions because I´ve been skateboarding for 3/4 of my life and would never expect skateboarders to respect my work just because I took something from their culture.

So if I´ve, single-handedly, proven to you that the skateboard culture "has zero respect for anyone outside it" I guess I´m only saying that respect is earned, not given just because you named your skis Afterbang and used a skateboard construction + 80´s Santa Cruz Skateboard inspired graphics.
And skateboarding isn´t like "every other sport". That´s why we ride sideways and don´t race gates.

Thanks for referencing my mom as a non urban skier. I´m stoked she´s not sliding sideways (or going in gay, grabbing boots) on some wannabe skateboard skis in downtown Denver.

Here´s another read for you:

Apeman said...

Giving props to someone and getting respect from someone is 2 different things. Unfortunately you're putting words in my mouth. Yes we gave props to skateing, why wouldn't we. But we we certainly weren't looking for any new found respect in return. We build skis for skiers, not skateboarders.

Also great reference to the new Alien Workshop video. You do know Burton owns that brand, right? You should change your story to also point out that no one should watch their video or buy their products.

If truely feel Jimbo should sell art to only 1 brand in the world within 1 sport, to be decided by you, why don't you call him to let him know. We called him, and he was stoked on the support and promotion. Also remember it was Jimbo who create the art (Jim's son), not Jim, his dad who did all the 80's skateboard art.

If only people and business' would do what you wanted them to do, instead of what was best for them.

Pierre said...

I don´t get the Alien Workshop / Burton reference.
I just said that AVE had a mean afterbang. How does that tie into anything we were discussing?

I had no idea Jimbo was Jim Phillip´s son.
The link on the ski blog I found this on linked to and I never guessed that he had a son with the same art style... oh well, not for me to judge.

Anonymous said...


haha.... said...

wikberg, you are the man... i'm pretty sure you can do the best afterbang ever!

Anonymous said...

man... what a senseless discussion about a name for a ski model.

come on, where do you live?
there are skiers who skate as well, there are snowboarders who used to be rollerbladers in their youth. it's NOT always black and white.

I don't get the problem.
of course, skateboarding defines itself and IS more core than any other of those so called extreme sports.
anyway, using a design similar to or referencing to skateboard graphics from the 80s, I'd call that a reverence. and for sure not a copy to gain coolness or whatever.

as apeman said, skis are build for skiers. if the customers are both (ski & skate), in my opinion they'll appreciate the design.

just my 2 cents

stolen said...

HAHAHA.......Let me guess the next ski they come up with is called "Lame" or "Afterlame".
Using Bansky Graphics to get more street-credibility.
why you don't come up with own Ideas or your own ski-artist?

Anonymous said...

if i would be them, i for sure would call a new line ski "lame" or "afterlame", just to piss you guys off... narrow minded retards... i'm glad that there are "normal" snowboarders out there!

Pierre said...

That would make sense.

Just another compliment.

stolen said...

... narrow minded retards...?
just to get this right. you think speaking out your own opinion shows that "we" are narrow minded?
and stealing names and graphics from other sports is totally new and shows how open minded these guys are.

confused said...

i just stumbled over this discussion and i'm confused...
who came up with the term "afterbang", skateboarding or snowboarding?
if snowboarding, is it legit for skateboarders to use the term?
and should an artist like jimbo phillips be blamed for not only making art/designes for one certain "sport"?!
oh and by the way it seems like he is not only doing stuff for skibrands, there is a lot more going on, even mxbrands like fox-racing.

Pierre Wikberg said...

i just stumbled over this discussion and i'm confused...
who came up with the term "afterbang", skateboarding or snowboarding?

Answer: Justin Hebbel, who was/is a pro snowboarder came up with it as far as I know.
Robot Food made a movie called Afterbang which pretty much spread the word and is what (educated guess) most people associate the word with.
When that word was put on a ski, I got upset.

if snowboarding, is it legit for skateboarders to use the term?
Answer: Not if they are making money of naming a product after it. That would seem lame.
If the word would have been copyrighted, which easily could have happened if we (Robot Food) ever thought a ski brand would use it to sell a ski seven or so years later.. I´m guessing we´d be in court now.
But since most snowboarders look up to skaters I doubt anyone would care if say Guy Mariano would put the word Afterbang on a t-shirt if he thought it seemed fitting.

Since a lot of skiers doesn´t know the meaning of it (Like Kanye and fish sticks) and a brand is using it to sell a product it doesn´t fly so hot in my book.
But that´s just what this blog is about, my book. And that´s why I mentioned it.

and should an artist like jimbo phillips be blamed for not only making art/designes for one certain "sport"?!
Answer: Probably not. I just stated that (thinking it was Jim Phillips who made the graphic) my old Santa Cruz boards didn´t feel as important to me as before he made ski graphics.

oh and by the way it seems like he is not only doing stuff for skibrands, there is a lot more going on, even mxbrands like fox-racing.
Answer: Sweet.

Anonymous said...

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Sam Fu said...

Lol I just found out about how this term is being used among skiers and came across this, I can't believe this crap, could you submit an entry on urban dictionary and correct these fools?

BTW, please make a Robot Food reunion movie! Even a 15 min short video would be awesome, Benedek said it might be a possibility.