Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New commercial for Philips widescreen tv

Their new tv is called 21x9, which obviously is a wider tv than 16x9. But why 21x9?
What´s wrong with 7x3? My math teacher always told me to divide as far as possible.

Directed / filmed by swedes Adam Berg (brother of Jocke Berg from the always annoying band Kent) and Fredrik Bäckar (he´s really good)


maggie.01 said...

have you seen this:

i thought you'd appreciate it, its pretty hilarious.

martin said...


Är en flitig läsare av din blog. Underhållande läsning.

Tänkte bara fråga vilken kamera du använder när du tar dina bilder som du lägger ut på bloggen?