Monday, April 20, 2009

Got 25 min to spare?

If so and you´d like to know more about one of the most (if not THE most) important skateboarder alive, 42 year old Rodney Mullen, check this out:


Sarah Anne said...

This is actually totally unrelated, but as an avid reader (Dude, I commented twice; only crazy people feel comfortable commenting first!But, I did for you!)I have some questions for you.
1. Do you actually bother to read the three comments left on this blog? Normally I feel really weird about them!
2. Do you worry that once your career is over, the only thing people will have to say about you is that Robot was great? They had great spirit!
3. Did you know that the first scientist to credit carbon dioxide caused by human activities to global warming was a Swede, Svante Arrhenius,way back in 1896?
4. How do you manage to make your pictures look symmetrical and colorful even when they randomly are not symmetrical or colorful?
5. How did you make that picture that looks like its reflecting off the water, but maybe isn't? Its the newer 'almedal'.
6. How great is Sweden? Supposedly its one of the best in the world; are there any bad parts, and what small steps can America do to not suck so much? The truths relayed to me post 9-11 and economic crisis time make me hate America!
I should stop numbering these. You said that filmers make crap money compared to photogs; aren't they the ones constantly complaining about having no money?
Is Todd Richards really a God; I take his shit to heart, is that bad?
Also, how much does it hurt Absinthe to sell its movies on iTunes? I won't lie, I downloaded your movies; I'M SORRY!!! Stealing snowboarding movies is like stealing candy, and then finding out its stale! I did try to repent by buying all the movies available on iTunes, even the ones I downloaded!
This is way to long; have a nice day!!!

Pierre said...

1. I read all comments.

2. No, I don´t worry about that.

3. No I didn´t know this.

4. Luck.

5. Not sure which pic you´re talking about.

6. Sweden is an awesome place.

America is great too. Awesome nature, great people and friends. But there are a lot of lame things too. I just try and not think about them.

Snow filmers usually make about 20-30% of what a snow photographer makes.

Todd is not God. But I believe more in him than the thing christians call God.

Absinthe makes some money of itunes sales. Thanks for buying what you can.

You have a nice day too.

Sarah Anne said...

Thank You for answering, after I wrote them I was like, "Wow", but I promise I'm not a crazy person; I just think its really interesting when people get a chance to do what they love, you're very lucky!

Pierre said...

Some luck, some skill. Mostly naive.