Thursday, April 23, 2009

Line skiers on DC boards

Some people from Line skis are upset with me after thinking they were lame for naming a ski "Afterbang" and using Jim Phillips artwork for it.

Here are some comments we´ve shared with the world:

So I cruised in to their website to see if they had any sweet news and found one of their skiers on a DC snowboard. Hilarious.

I wish that snowboard would have the graphic we had at the Mtn Lab ropetow (which is actually called The Afterbang Express) "Keep skitips up and out of here".


Anonymous said...

are those photos in 4:3?

Radical said...

oooh, pics of a dude riding skis and a snowboard! You totally showed them calling out their news story on their site. Hahaha

Pierre said...

I find it amusing that I made a movie named Afterbang and that I make all the movies for DC snow.

Well that part isn´t very amusing, but the fact that a ski company used Afterbang for a ski and then seeing one of their skiers on a DC board made made it pretty amusing.

Anonymous said...

this guys a hater... it's sliding on snow buddy, Line is good shit.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pierre,

i found some shots of a DC Boarder riding Afterbangs on my cpu.
You can check them here:

Looks like some guys just want to have fun on snow, some others don´t...


Pierre Wikberg said...

Yeah that´s a sweet pic. A skier with DC product is always entertaining to watch.

You accusing me of not having a good time on snow? Pretty sure I´m having an awesome time.

I did film some boarders on skis this winter and we had a good time.

The funny thing with this Afterbang thing is that they stole a name, took graphics from skateboarding to make something only a skier can call "original".

Jussi said...

hey Pierre,

have u heard about Anthems?? maybe there is also something for u to cry for?? u just stole my heart <3

Pierre Wikberg said...

The dancing stuff at 1:56 was sweet.

The ability to ski switch seems cool too (do the boots and binding turn then, or are they talking about going backwards?)

The ollieband seems cool too. Last I checked you had to ride sideways to ollie (and yes I know snowboarders don´t ollie either, but at least looks like one).
Even though Alan Gelfand tried to sue some skateboard company because they used "ollie" on their product seemed semi doucebag-ish move
I bet he´d be down to sue a ski company for using "his" name.

But I wasn´t out to picker at skiing. I like watching (well some) good skiing.

I was just entertained that someone would call themselves original by using two established words / artists from two other sports. That´s all.

Apeman said...

It's really hard to believe you're the dude that created the Afterbang movie. That movie was solid, super influencial and assumed the person behind it had a pretty positive outlook on life and not so uptight and concerned about what others do and think. Things must have just not worked out for you in running your own business so now you have some chip on your shoulder working for the man that you need to take out on anyone else doing well. If you invented the word "afterbang", great! you should be stoked, very cool, we invented lots of stuff too but we don't rage on others when we see them doing it. You think the dude that first said "Rad" got all pissed off when they made a bmx movie named that. Take a deep breath and move on, you're sounding like a grumpy, bitchy old man on here.

Pierre Wikberg said...

I have a lot of fun filming snowboarding as well as actually riding my snowboard.

And yes, I think it sucks when there´s a ski called "Afterbang", but at the same time it´s amusing.
Even if a snowboard company would release a board named Afterbang I wouldn´t see it being ok. They would obviously try and ride on some sort of cred that that word has. It´s not like it´s a new word with zero association that´s used for anything else, like your reference to "Rad".

I didn´t invent the word (Justin Hebbel did I think). We just thought it was a sweet word to name a movie at the time.

As far as me taking "something" out on someone who is doing well I really don´t know what you are talking about. But in sounds like you´re insinuating that I´m jealous of you for making money on selling "original" skis with taken name&graphics. Or was there something else you were getting to?

You may call me grumpy or whatever, that´s cool.
For all you care you wanted me to go join the Taliban,

Keep making "skis for skiers" and if you want to wear a DC hoodie and Lakai kicks while doing it you can do that .
And I bet you already thought about naming your next ski "Afterlame", or is that for 2011-12? Maybe squeeze a Lame ski in there before.

You said it the best:
- "2-3 years later before you know it everyone´s kinda following our lead and it´s the next big thing"

"Lead And Others Will Follow" - that could be a sweet slogan for Line Skis.
Or how about: "Enjoy The Ride"?

Want to hear more words the skate and/or the snow industry used in the past that you could sell to skiers?

Anonymous said...

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