Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Photos from the past week

This street in SLC has sweet trees.

Lake Tahoe.

Andy waking around on one of many 20 mile straights that I-80 has to offer.

Railroad + gravel + telephone pole

Gas station by Wendover NV / Salt Flats UT

Me and filmer Anthony VItale.
For the past 10 years of filming I´ve rocked all black gear maybe 80% of the time and when I think of it so has most of my filmer/photographer friends.
But then we always complain that the riders aren´t wearing good colours.
Louie Fountain wore white pants and a brown jacket for a while. That was great camo.
Black clothes are great camo too, as you can see.

Downtown Truckee (Lake Tahoe). Nice misty light.
I actually shot Joni Malmi´s intro/title shot for Afterbang right there, with the same light. But 7 years ago.

Best dirty mexi food ever. Tacos Jaliscos in Truckee.

Driving sucks

20 min into my 10 hour drive I get pulled over.

It´s Britney bitch

Snowbird hikers. Insane runs.

If you like pow Snowbird is a good place to be. Aside from all the tram barneys, veggie wraps, powder hounds and skiers.

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