Friday, April 10, 2009

Some recent pics, in random order

Trees in Utah

Pine cone in ice

Nick getting air

Love Ikea, great food and snack selection


Nick and carts

Me in a prison suit

Cod roe and Västerbottens cheese

Not cool to get stuck with this thing

Nice haircut

Deep pow

Olsen dogs

DC car, fast

Best food ever

House view

Watching soccer and basket ball at the Welch residence

Basket ball crowd

Only $4,386

Nick at Snowbird

Me at Brighton

More Brighton pow

Nick having coffee


More skiers


Utah Jazz playin New York Knicks

Adhesive toe warmers are my friend

Recession muffin at the Best Western. You times are though when the hotel splits the muffin in four pieces.

Mr Snowbird lives here

Me filming Biittner

Me waist deep at Brighton

SLC view

The bigger DC car

Muddy DC Lab. It did snow like four feet after this though.

Gas station at Logan, UT


Great butter from Biittner

SLC street


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your photography keeps improving and improving! I love to look at all the pictures you take; keep them coming!

info said...

yeah dude fejjs. i love too! more pix! nice pow. took a 70km bike ride today in sunny sthlm. dä ä int fel de heller! easy piz! miss U
/ Vinca

Anonymous said...

I must agree photos are getting better and better.

Anonymous said...